Adobe Audience Manager & Audience Marketplace

Audience Marketplace is a private data exchange within Adobe Audience Manager that connects advertisers and content publishers. This marketplace facilitates the buying and selling of second and third-party data without the time-consuming challenges of setting up individual partnership agreements. The data exchange also enables companies to scale its high-value audience segments for personalized and targeted content across marketing channels. Adobe Audience Manager helps advertisers and publishers build unique audience profiles that identify the most valuable segments and then address those segments across digital marketing channels.

Adobe’s Third Data Partner Approach

Audience Marketplace is designed to be an agnostic channel for quality data sets spanning multiple verticals. Adobe does not own third party data, nor do we intend to, so our role is to connect our clients to the relevant third party providers in the space. We’ve found that the greatest data challenge for Audience Manager clients is to know which data providers have the highest quality data set that will perform the best for their digital campaigns. The Adobe Audience Finder tool was developed to address this challenge and help our customers navigate the complex and crowded data provider landscape. By having access to company overviews, methodologies, best use cases, and other useful facets of these data offerings, our customers can better select those partners most in-line with key initiatives. And through the Audience Marketplace, we also make it easy for our clients to test multiple data partners at one time, to ultimately determine who’s the best fit for their individual performance goals.

For additional information on the Audience Marketplace or Audience Finder, please contact your Adobe representative.