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Accurate, authenticated and actionable data

Company Overview

180byTwo’s mission is to provide the industry with the highest quality data products and solutions. We’re accomplishing this each and every day by working closely with our clients, and partners handcrafting world-class audience solutions focusing solely on their needs, goals and objectives. 180byTwo’s handcraft Audience Solutions is collected from the industry’s premier data assets. We then leverage advanced insights and learnings to properlly label and categorize attributes for precise audience creation.

Data Collection Methodology

180byTwo’s Handcrafted Audience Solution is the industry’s largest compilation of premium data assets. Through careful curation we have setup a exclusive data network that helps take data and use advanced Analytics, Machine Learning and AI to produce audiences that drive results.Data types include:

  • Account Based Marketing (ACCOUNTLINK): The industry’s only location based ABM targeting solution covering more than 3 million active business / locations.
  • Business Intent (ECHO): The industry’s most comprehensive B2B intent signals utilizing more than 25 billion online interactions.
  • B2B Firmographics & Technographics (XPLORER): Providing B2B marketers with more than 700 audiences covering Industry, Profession, Technology on Site, Buying Authority and more.
  • B2C Demographics, Lifestyle & Interests (COSMOS): An extensive collection of consumer audiences that include Demographics, Past Purchase, Life Events, Household income and more.
  • Location-Based POI (LOCi): Target consumers based on their real-world behavioral patterns across more than 1100 audiences.
  • Consumer Intent (4SEE): Reach consumers exhibiting strong purchase intent signals with over 900 segments created from the daily consumption and categorization of 120 billion pages.
  • Custom: We handcraft custom audiences based on the clients requirements, across all audience categories to obtain the clients campaign objectives.

Types of Data Sets Available

ABM, B2B, Location, B2C, Auto, Online Intent, Firmographics, Technographic, B2B Intent, OTT, CTV, Account Based Marketing, CPG, Demographics, Content Consumption, Travel, Finance, In Market, Psychographics, Interest, Attendences, Event, Titles, Functions, Industry, SIC, Industry, Company Size, Manufacturing, Entertainment, Retails, QSR and more