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Data for marketing insights, targeting and measurement.

Company Overview

4INFO is an identity and engagement solutions company. Born in mobile, 4INFO’s platform features the patented Bullseye ID®— a persistent match key that maps all connected devices in a household to valuable consumer data for marketing insights, targeting and measurement.

4INFO Predictive Visitors uses location data to predict where consumers are likely to be in the next 30 days, providing much larger and highly relevant target audiences. And marketers have more flexibility to precisely target ad campaigns via existing DMPs, DSPs and trading desks, or using 4INFO’s Customer Identity and Engagement Platform..

With industry-leading accuracy, reach and scale, 4INFO’s platform has been proven effective by more than 450 independent measurement studies. Hundreds of brands have relied on 4INFO, including eight of the top 10 CPG companies, six of the 10 largest retailers, seven of the top 10 financial services companies, the five largest auto manufacturers and six of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies.

Data Collection Methodology

4INFO Predictive Visitors enables marketers to significantly expand targeting while improving precision — reaching relevant audiences across any connected device, including mobile app, mobile web, desktop, laptop and connected and addressable TV that are likely to visit relevant Points of Interest (POI) within the next 30 days.

4INFO’s approach to Predictive Visitors audiences starts with historical location data from billions of data points seen on over 300 million unique devices. A deep learning process then finds location, device and app usage patterns to predict future visitation. These predictions are validated based on actual visits, and updated continuously for greater accuracy.

The 4INFO approach also offers built-in fraud protection from bots and other counterfeit device IDs, by continuously verifying devices before they’re used for targeting. To ensure this, devices must be seen over multiple days and times at a home address — before they are used for targeting.

And with 4INFO’s ability to tie devices to a home address, marketers are also able to further expand audience targeting and relevant campaigns to decision makers and influencers under the same roof.

Types of Data Sets Available

Audience categories available for targeting include: automotive, demographic, dining, health and fitness, entertainment, retail and travel.