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Cutting-edge location intelligence

Company Overview

At Adsquare, we revolutionise marketing with cutting-edge location intelligence, offering a powerful toolset for crafting impactful omnichannel campaigns while upholding the highest standards of data protection regulations.

As an award-winning location intelligence platform, Adsquare is the cornerstone of enhanced campaign planning, programmatic activation, and robust measurement.

Adsquare has rapidly become a global force, integrated with market-leading platforms and their accurate and consented data are the secret sauce for those looking to elevate their marketing effectiveness.

Established in 2012, Adsquare has earned the trust of 1,800 global brands and agencies and operates in 30 countries. Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, we have a global presence with offices in 9 locations worldwide. For more details, visit our website at and stay connected with us on LinkedIn.

Data Collection Methodology

Experience the Adsquare advantage. We curate premium 3rd and 1st party data, enriching it with our proprietary intelligence to forge impactful datasets that stay consistently updated. Adsquare goes beyond by overlaying spatial data with granular SDK-derived location data, seamlessly blending it with online data to offer unparalleled insights into consumer behaviour in the real world.

Effortlessly navigate the extensive Adsquare data catalogue, enabling the creation of targeted scenarios. Our privacy-by-design approach ensures ethical and secure data usage, providing you with peace of mind as you leverage our powerful data solutions. Unparalleled customisation ensures your campaigns are finely tuned to meet your unique objectives.

Discover the transformative power of Adsquare, where innovation converges with precision, and campaigns consistently exceed expectations. Your success is our mission—let’s redefine the future of marketing together.

Types of Data Available

Place visits:

  • Geo-behavioural datasets
  • Targets users based on past visits to specific locations
  • Overlays SDK-derived, consented consumer movement data on Places of Interest

App usage:

  • Utilises reliable 3rd Party App Usage data
  • Granular categories: Banking, Education, Entertainment, Hobbies, Personalisation & Productivity, Sports, Shopping, Social Media & Networks, Transportation, Travel
  • Allows targeting specific individual apps in standalone segments

Home & work segment:

  • Targets audiences based on postcode areas of residence or workplace
  • Supports effective drive-to-store campaigns, sales boost, and improved user experience

Brand affinities:

  • Targets users aligned with specific brand values
  • Offers a variety of brands, including automotive, retail, and Food & Drinka


  • Includes age, gender, employment status, education, family & marital status, language, family structure, etc.


  • Targets users based on app downloads, usage behaviour, or relevant location visits
  • Categories include shopping, sports, travel, food & drinks, etc.


  • Based on users’ purchase history
  • Categories include groceries, electronics, garden supplies, cars, etc.