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Real-world, non-modeled data linked to individual attributes

Company Overview

ALC is the leading direct and digital solutions provider, and has supported thousands of successful businesses, through the proven power of our data – for nearly 40 years. ALC Digital Audiences are truly unique. They’re based on Real World deterministic data – data that’s linked to hundreds of individual attributes, data that’s location/fact-based, not modeled or inferred, allowing for accurate and precise targeting.

Data Collection Methodology

ALC Audiences are fueled by data from a multitude of sources — many proprietary to ALC. Our high quality, performance-driven sources include: LexisNexis Data Warehouse, First Party Customer Information, Transactional Data, Public Records, Professional Licenses, Lifestyle Data, Demographics, and more.

Types of Data Sets Available

  • ALC B2B
  • ALC Wealth Window
  • ALC Consumer
  • ALC Political Precision
  • ALC MD+
  • ALC Newborn Network
  • ALC Health & Wellness
  • ALC Caregivers
  • ALC Travel
  • ALC Seasonal Shopper
  • ALC Telecharge
  • ALC Highlights for Children
  • ALC Custom-Curated Segments