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Mobile-first data activation

Company Overview

AlikeAudience is a data management company that specializes in mobile-first data activation by accelerating the connection of physical and digital universe for brands through continuous augmentation of trusted data sources. Leveraging our onboarding capabilities, we help marketers reach >60% of mobile audiences in 11 countries by partnering with renowned data sources such as credit card companies, major app publishers and credit bureaus, to create scaled 2nd and 3rd party audiences. Our segments have been used by 4A agencies and Fortune 500 brands around the world as a core part of their branding awareness and new customer acquisition strategies, regardless of format or channel (mobile or tablet / video or display). Through our scaled platform agnostic approach, our client partners get to see match rates as high as 90% on all major DSPs.

Data Collection Methodology

We have exclusive partnerships in APAC with validated data sources such as MasterCard and Experian to power our transactional and demographics data respectively. For non-exclusive data sources, we collect mobile location signals, offline census/survey, mobile app downloads & usage, firmographics, payment gateways, credit bureau data, and more, which we then bridge to MAIDs for targeted advertising purposes.

Types of Data Sets Available

  • MasterCard exclusive partnership – MasterCard credit card online and offline transactional data in specific verticals (e.g. Apparel, Consumer Electronics) and spend behavior (top spender vs. frequent buyer in that vertical)
  • Experian partnership – For select markets, we offer in-depth insights into users’ psychographics and demographic personas by bridging Experian’s Mosaic and Digital Audience data to MAIDs at a household and device level.
  • Interest – As indicators, interest is determined by the user’s app download + usage behaviors and whether he/she visited a relevant location.
  • In-Market – Same as “”Interest””, but we also take into account whether the user has related transactional history in a specific category.
  • B2B – Firmographics info range from industry, company size, company type and revenue size, job titles and job functions.
  • Device/Carrier – For select markets, we have 100% deterministic data on users’ telco carrier, device model and connection type.
  • Demographics / OTP Demographics – These include individuals who have declared age and gender in specific apps and/or census surveys, which can then be modelled to other MAIDs for scale based on similar characteristics. Our OTP demo data typically reaches 70% according to Nielsen DAR.”