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Predictive data science and strategic insight into consumer behaviors

Company Overview

Alliant provides marketers with access to a unique source of predictive data, powerful data science, and strategic insight into consumer behaviors. Our database includes detailed behavior across 10 billion purchases and more than 270 million U.S. consumers. By utilizing actual multichannel transactional data, Alliant’s digital audiences connect brands with responsive consumers across devices and platforms, driving results for both branding and direct response campaigns.

Data Collection Methodology

Alliant aggregates data directly from hundreds of leading direct-to-consumer marketing brands, which is then transformed to create a unified view of consumer purchasing behavior. We also have strategic partnerships in place to enhance the rich purchase data with additional demographic, lifestyle, social and automotive data.

Types of Data Sets Available

  • Product Purchase — Consumers with a proven track record of purchasing specific product types
  • Performance — Detailed information on recency, frequency, and payment history
  • Propensities — Audiences with interests in specific categories and a high propensity to purchase
  • Movers & Homeowners — Audiences that are current homeowners or preparing to move
  • Auto — Sourced from service departments nationwide and enriched with additional consumer purchase behavior
  • Demographic — Diverse audience segments based on their various life stages, family composition, and education
  • Composites — Large scale audiences combining product purchase, performance, demographic, and lifestyle data