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Conversational, emotional and predictive data driving top of the funnel performance and brand-building results

Company Overview

Why is it so hard to get targeting data that works? We’ve faced the same frustrations you feel and so set out to solve the problem once and for all.

Great data is meant to be a lens into what an individual WANTS. And what we ask and what we say online is a great indicator of those wants – strong emotions lead to strong actions. Since 2006 we have been analyzing online conversation and have now used those smarts to produce actionable data sets that work.

A unique type of data for audience building that allows advertisers to look beyond demographics and simple activities. By understanding what people are talking about you get a predictive lens into who they are, what they love and hate, and what they are likely to do.

Data Collection Methodology (a Networked Insights project) ingests conversational data from the multitude of places we talk to each other online. This is made up of approximately 30 million individual sites comprised of a wide variety of message boards, blogs, comments, social and reviews sites. We capture over 60 million conversations a day (!!) across 200+ million profiles and process this data to build segments for targeting that simply work better. Unique data offers unique insights.