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Largest scale of B2B demographic and predictive segments

Company Overview

Bombora is the leading provider of B2B demographic, filmographic, and Intent data. A key differentiator for Bombora is its global Data Co-op made up of premium publishers, lead gen, events, analyst firms and agencies that monitors and analyzes B2B content consumption to indicate the potential ‘intent’ to take an action. From this data, Bombora has developed “Company Surge” that identifies when a company is consuming more content (or surging) on over a range of 2800 topics. Company Surge can be used to identify what 1.3 million B2B companies are actively researching or ‘in the market’ for.

With over one billion online interactions per day,  over 1.4 billion devices cookied and 40% of its data set international, Bombora provides the largest scale of B2B demographic and predictive segments for programmatic ad targeting, analytics, Account-Based Marketing and lead-gen data signals.

Recently, Bombora also beta released its new product, “Audience Verification.” Audience Verification helps to measure the impact of ABM strategies on programmatic campaigns and online assets.

Bombora’s mission is to enable and unify sales and marketing by consolidating Intent data and using that data to supercharge every part of the marketing process and technology stack.

Data Collection Methodology

Bombora aggregates B2B behavioral data sourced directly from publishers, brands, media companies, and research companies. It organizes this information into business demographic, firmographic, and predictive segments. This data is activated in over 391 combined  custom segments through a self-serve UI (including Account-Based Marketing segments), and through custom data feeds for our customers.

Bombora uses a combination of deterministic and probabilistic approaches to identify and segment users, including online form fills and behavioral activity.

All of Bombora’s Intent and Company Surge data is from online sources. Bombora partners with many offline data companies via B2B business card databases to enhance its scale and to ensure that it has the most accurate source of B2B data available. Some offline data is present in  Bombora’s cookies, primarily seniority and functional area data. The remainder is sourced via online through IP address resolution, firmographic databases, and Content Consumption Monitoring.

Bombora’s data is refreshed in real-time as a cookie creates new behaviors and dormant cookie profiles are updated at least every 180 days. Company Surge data is refreshed every week.

Types of Data Sets Available

Bombora’s unique Audience Data includes:

  • Intent
  • Demographic
  • Firmographic
  • B2B
  • 2nd Party (publisher and advertiser)
  • Behavioral
  • Contextual