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Behaviorally driven data derived from original consumer research

Company Overview

We help companies find customers. Simply and quickly, at scale. Leading provider of high-quality audiences across behavioral, attitudinal, lifestyles, and life-stages. Over 2000 audiences across various industries including financials, lifestyles, auto, technology, retail and shopping.

Don’t settle for basic demographic variables selections when you can use time-tested audiences based on real consumer behaviors to find your next customer. Online marketers can now join the leading brands in applying segmentation techniques that have been proven offline for decades. With Claritas Digital, advertisers and agencies can learn the “why behind the buy” to sell smarter and reach their best customers online with confidence.

Data Collection Methodology

We collect offline based primary research and other opt-in data sources to track consumer behaviors and attitudes. We couple our primary research data with third party data assets to expand the scale of our audiences. Some of our third party data providers include Zipscene, JD Power, IMR, and Scarborough.

Types of Data Sets Available

We offer over 2,000 consumer segments created using various data sources capturing financial, insurance, technology, retail, restaurant and lifestyle behaviors and attitudes. The data is sourced from extensive national online surveys including: Claritas Financial Track, Claritas Insurance Track, Claritas Technology Track, Claritas Retail Channel Track, Claritas Energy Track and others.