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Real-time scoring engine to drive campaign engagement

Company Overview

Founded in 2011, Cross Pixel is a leading provider of custom built audience profiles serving the programmatic advertising industry. Our real-time scoring engine analyzes users online actions to identify those who are most likely to drive campaign engagement.

Data Collection Methodology

Cross Pixel analyzes the shopping and research activity on over 650 million unique browsers across devices to identify the audience, content and context that are most likely to drive campaign management. In addition to over 1,300 standard audience segments, Cross Pixel builds dynamic custom audiences that optimize continuously and perform well against commoditized audiences. Tailor custom search retargeting audiences to your branded, non-branded, and competitor terms.

Types of Data Sets Available

Cross Pixel’s unique Audience Data includes:
  • Intent
  • Demo
  • Psychographic
  • Verticals include; Auto, Coupons, CPG, Cell Phones, Gaming, Shopping, Health & Beauty, Kids, Home & Garden, Real Estate,Travel, Latam, B2B Data, Business & Finance,  Electronics, Mobile Web, Politics, Technology