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Location-based measurement and consumer insights company

Company Overview

Cuebiq is a leading location-based measurement and consumer insights company, providing brands and marketers a trusted and transparent source of 100% first-party offline visitation data to map and measure the consumer journey. Cuebiq is at the forefront of industry privacy standards, follows a privacy compliant framework in its data collection, and is one of the very first location providers certified by leading privacy association, NAI.

Data Collection Methodology

Cuebiq partners with 86 apps to collect first-party data at scale. Using SDK technology, we leverage GPS and WiFi signals to collect deterministic, anonymous location data for opted-in users. In fact, if users opt-in to always on data collection, we are able to collect persistent background data on a daily basis resulting in an average 100 data points collected per user every day.

Beyond simply collecting location data, we analyze users movement and stops to determine dwell time and visit frequency at locations to create the most accurate geo-behavioral dataset at scale available in the marketplace today.

Our data collection is privacy compliant and is considered industry best practice, we only collect non-personally identifiable data from opted-in users and provide them multiple, easy ways to opt-out if they change their mind. We are at the forefront of industry privacy standards and we’re one of the first location providers who were certified by the NAI, the leading privacy association in the United States. We are media agnostic, our sole purpose to help clients understand how their brand is performing.

Types of Data Sets Available

  • Geo-Behavioral Audiences: Target consumers based on their offline behaviors and interests. (E.g. Movie goers, QSR lovers, apparel shoppers)
  • Branded Audiences: Activate segments visiting specific brick and mortar store locations. (E.g. Starbucks lovers, Macy’s shoppers)
  • Seasonal Audiences: Direct your ads to consumers around seasonal eventsand holidays. (E.g. Mother’s Day shoppers, Holiday Shoppers)
  • Loyalty Audiences: Target consumers that display loyal visitation patterns. (E.g. Lunch QSR loyalists, Weekend casual diners)
  • Predictive Audiences: Anticipate behavior and target churning consumers. (E.g. Pre-Movers, Taco Bell churners, Device switchers)
  • B2B/Professional Audiences: Activate targeting by occupation.(E.g. On-demand workers, Retail Workers)
  • Crisis Response Audeinces: Reach consumers who have been affected by the COVID crisis (Quarantined consumers, Lapsed shoppers)
  • Custom Audiences: Build custom segments to meet your specific campaign needs. (E.g. Starbucks lovers that go to the gym weekly)