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Nearly 50 years of experience helping clients use data to stay ahead of the competition

Company Overview

We started in 1972, as Infogroup, with a mission to help businesses large and small use data in innovative ways to improve their products, grow their businesses and expand their capabilities.

Over the last four decades, we have acquired some of the most prominent technology, data compilation, and media services companies, built hundreds of products, developed dozens of services, and grown our team. We’re proud of where we’ve been and what we’ve accomplished, and we’re thrilled for the next chapter in our history — Data Axle.

Thousands of companies—from local mom and pop shops, to global enterprises—work with Data Axle to find better ways to make data-driven decisions to help them expand their capabilities, drive real-time business intelligence, and grow their business.

Data Collection Methodology

Data Axle’s method of data compilation and accuracy is second-to-none and the result of over 45+ years of development with an overarching dedication to continual improvements. Data is collected from over 10,000 sources for nearly every business and individual in the United States and compiled into our real-time data platform where it is continuously validated and updated to ensure it is as accurate as possible. We have a methodology specific to business data which includes making over 24 million calls each year to validate our data and proprietary processes that allow us to make connections between businesses and consumers for expanded reach.

Types of Data Sets Available

  • B2B and B2C audiences from our proprietary databases with a wide range of demographic and firmographic attributes
  • Specialty B2B and B2C audiences built from our co-ops databases that include granular data on things such as product purchases, voters, buying authority, and more
  • B2C Link audiences that include profiles that enable you to find decision makers at work or at home
  • New Movers
  • Active email engagers
  • Custom audiences available upon request