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Behavioral data pulled directly from the data source

Company Overview

Datonics is the pioneer of providing third party audience data to programmatic platforms. We aggregate both online browsing behavior based on keyword interactions on publisher websites as well as demo, POI, B2B and past purchase data. Datonics has comprehensive datasets in both the US & Canada with segments customized for each market and a total coverage of 500M+ cookie & mobile users across 1,500+ prepackaged segments. Custom segments can be built based on keyword lists as well as user visitation data.

Data Collection Methodology

We classify users based on keyword interactions occurring on our publisher pages. These sites are typically shopping sites, product review sites, price comparison engines, forums, directories and vertical content sites. We also work with niche leaders in the B2B, location visit/POI, demo and past purchase categories.

Data collection process:

  • Datonics tag is deployed on publisher web sites
  • The tag initiates a HTTP call to our server whenever a visitor browses the site.
  • Datonics’ server inspects the IP address on the HTTP request using our Geo Server.
  • If the IP address is recognized as US or Canada IP, the server ingests the data sent from the tag. Otherwise, the data is disregarded and not kept anywhere on the server or on the visitor’s browser.
  • Users are classified into our segments based on keyword interactions (searches, clicks).

Types of Data Sets Available

  • Search
  • Interest
  • Intent
  • POI (location visits)
  • Demographic
  • Past Purchase
  • B2B
  • Behavioral
  • Life stage

Custom audiences based on keywords as well as location visits are available.