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Data science -driven predictive data

Company Overview

Dstillery is the marketing & advertising industry’s leading applied data science company, helping Fortune 500 companies and brands unlock their growth potential by finding and targeting their highest value prospective customers.

Since 2008, Dstillery’s team of data scientists and engineers has earned the industry’s top distinctions for brand safety, machine learning innovation and high performance media activation. We deliver actionable consumer insights from our reference data set of over 300 million anonymous US online and offline behavioral profiles that are updated on a daily basis, driving the full spectrum of marketing research and media business objectives. That’s why marquee brands in Retail, CPG, Finance, Luxury, B2B, Telco, Travel, and Tech use Dstillery’s platform to access insights, data and activation solutions to create more meaningful consumer touch points across multiple channels.

Data Collection Methodology

We leverage exclusively digital data sources across mobile and desktop to observe and accurately model user behaviors. Our data footprint includes web browsing, app usage and physical visitation. Our audiences leverage either a combination of marketer 1st party and Dstillery 2nd party data, or exclusively Dstillery 2nd party data.

Types of Data Sets Available

We specialize in building behavioral audiences for all verticals, including custom-prospecting audiences designed to drive net-new users to a brand’s properties while hitting performance KPIs.