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Highest quality and coverage in The Netherlands

Company Overview

EDM Digital Solutions is part of EDM Media Group: market leader with more than 20 years of experience in the field of data offering more than 600 characteristics per household, including online
behavioural profiles (through opt-in permission) and factual demographic characteristics.
Successful organisations differentiate themselves by the extent to which they are capable of entering into a customer (data-)driven dialogue. Consumers want to be in direct and relevant contact, while their privacy is respected. Through continuous investment in knowledge, technology and data, EDM is the partner that helps organisations transform themselves and explore true data-driven customer contact.
Offering strategic advice, data science techniques, real-time data links and integration of online and offline data, EDM increases return on data for every organisation.
EDM is the official partner of Liveramp and Delta Projects in The Netherlands, ISO 27001-certified and awarded the DDMA’s Privacy Guarantee.

Data Collection Methodology

•   Delta Projects (exclusive partner for The Netherland), offering 90% online recognition, 230 online interests
• EDM cookies to the home connector covering 25% on-offline recognition on address level
• 50 offline datasources covering 100% household and company information for sociodemographics, lifestyle, typlogies, housing, car, financial data; owned and unique information with highest quality and coverage in The Netherlands

Types of Data Sets Available

EDM offers users of Demand Side Platforms (DSP’s) opportunities to reach both B2C and B2B audiences. The same audience definitions can be used in online marketing campaigns via e-mail (EDM MailReach) and social media (based on Facebook ID’s). By insights based on online profiling, audiences can be mapped, in order to most effectively reach these audiences and/or their look-alikes.

EDM has already defined 130 specific audiences that are readily available in Adobe Audience Manager, segmented into the following categories:

  • Demographics
    Age, life stage, income, social class
  • Demographics / family composition
    Pregnancy phase, number of children
  • Motivation Mentality environments
    8 types based on purchasing behaviour and life vision
  • Living
    Home ownership, rental house
  • Mobility/car ownership
    Number of cars, age, brand, type, switch behaviour
  • Travel
    Areas of interest (e.g. city trips, nature holidays etc.)
  • Business and financial
    Self-employed persons