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Curated mix of offline and online data

Company Overview

Access to this data requires a direct contract with Nielsen. Please contact your Nielsen representative for more information

eXelate segments, Nielsen’s proprietary and highly curated mix of offline/online data, spans multiple behaviors and audiences. The eXelate data pool consists of over 200 anonymous data providers, which are reviewed and put thorough a QA process prior to being added to the Nielsen Marketing Cloud ecosystem. Data sets are audited on a quarterly basis and include: eXelate Demographic, eXelate Intent, eXelate Interest, eXelate B2Bx, eXelate Location-based, and eXelate Smart Segments.

Data Collection Methodology

  • eXelate Demographic: Best of breed data calibrated to Nielsen Didigtal Ad Ratings; consumers registered with online/ offline sources (Age/ Gender/ Household/ Education)
  • eXelate Intent: In-Market consumers actively searching/ or about to buy a product/ or sevice. Derived from online browsing data signals and/ or predictive models created from historical past purchase behavior (offline).
  • eXelate Interest: Consumers engaged in content or who previously purchased a product/ service. Derived from both online browsing behavior as well as offline data such as past purchase transactions, catalog subscriptions, + more.
  • eXelate B2Bx: Business professionals by industry, job type, company size, functional area, occupation + more. Combination of online & offline data sources including web browsing, company databases, and government records.
  • eXelate Smart Segments: eXelate’s proprietary Smart Segments combine Vertical targeting (Auto Buyers, Travel bookers, Shopping) with a socio-demographic filter (Female/ Male, Age, Income Level, Children in HH, Occupation).
  • eXelate Location-Based Segments: Point of Interest data collected from location data providers who capture app location user data. Data is fully cleansed of any anomolies and refreshed daily to preserve quality and recency.

Types of Data Sets Available

  • Demographic
  • Interest
  • Intent
  • B2B
  • Location-Based
  • Smart Segments