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Global leader for audience data

Company Overview

Eyeota is an audience technology platform that enables the intelligent use of data.

We work with marketers, data owners and research companies to provide distinct, comprehensive and qualified audience data. Our technology platform transforms audience data so that organizations can make smarter business decisions, understand customers and enrich marketing strategies.

Eyeota was founded in 2010 and operates in Europe, Asia, Australia and the Americas. For more information, please visit

Data Collection Methodology

Eyeota data is sourced through both online publisher partners and branded data providers:

  • Online Publishers: A combination of pixel implementation and Natural Language Processing allow us to collect a variety of information that could range from context of a page to declared user information, from our global network of online publishers.
    This data is passed to Eyeota in an anonymized fashion, aggregated, and then segmented into audience categories. No PII such as name or address is transferred to Eyeota through this process.
  • Branded Data Providers: There are a number of research organizations who own valuable data sets, but do not have the capabilities to either match their data to online profiles, or to deliver it into the digital advertising ecosystem. Eyeota works with some of the most recognized owners of traditional marketing insight and research to attribute their data to online profiles and enable digital marketers to target campaigns using data which is reliable, high quality and understood within an offline context. We have our own proprietary onboarding methodology and partnerships with all major third party onboarders.

Any data we collect is processed in accordance with regional privacy laws, including GDPR in Europe.

Types of Data Sets Available

• Sociodemographic
• Intent
• Interest
• B2B
• Seasonal