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Making quality location data easily accessible

Company Overview

Factual is the leading location data company, with the mission of making quality location data easily accessible. Factual was founded in 2008 with an initial focus on building Factual’s Global Places data, which includes over 100 million locations across 52 countries. Factual Global Places is licensed to leading consumer applications such as Facebook, Uber & Apple Maps to create strong consumer experiences based on the best underlying location and point of interest data.

Factual Audiences, available within Adobe Audience Manager, provide the industry leading solution for advertisers interested in understanding current and prospective customers based on location. Factual Audiences are built from over 200 billion monthly observations of user location in the real world. When combined with Factual Global Places, these observations enable Factual to understand user behavior based on real world location visits. Advertisers are able to leverage Factual Audiences within Adobe Audience Manager to reach, measure and understand new and existing customers based on historical and current location behavior, at scale.

Data Collection Methodology

Factual receives device ID level location data from partner apps, publishers, Factual SDK partners and ad exchanges. This represents over 200 billion data points, on over 175 million unique users. Factual then runs this lat/long level data through our location validation stack, which removes up to 70% of the data points due to inaccuracy and/or imprecise signals. The high quality location data that remains is combined with Factual’s industry leading Places database of over 100 million points of interest across 52 countries to create observations of device IDs at specific places in the real world. This underlying data is used to create Factual audiences, which enable advertisers to target audiences based on accurate, real world user behavior.

Types of Data Sets Available

Factual offers a broad set of audiences, all based on Factual’s real world understanding of user location. Audiences include:

  • Demographic Segments: Demographic segments describe mobile device users based on their age, gender, parental status, race, and household income.
  • Behavioral and Lifestyle Segments: Behavioral segments describe mobile device users based on their real-world behavioral patterns. (e.g. frequent grocery store shoppers, business travelers, etc.)
  • Place Category Visitors: Place Category Visitor segments describe mobile device users based on the types of places they visit. These segments describe users’ real-world visits to categories of businesses and points of interest. (e.g., Retail shoppers, QSR diners, Moviegoers, etc.)
  • Brand Shopper Segments: Audience targeting of users who have frequently visited over 150 different chains across retail, QSR, automotive, dining, entertainment, travel & more. Factual is able to make custom segments available as well, simply reach out to
  • Custom Audiences: Factual Custom Audiences can be built based on any combination of visits to Factual’s 100 million locations. Contact to get started with custom audiences.