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Location and events-based analytics company

Company Overview

Founded in 2011, Gravy is a location-based data analytics company. We process over 15 Billion location signals every single day from roughly 250 Million monthly active users. We map these location signals to over 10 Million locations and venues. We are the largest event aggregators in the U.S. with over 1 Million events captured every single day. We look at the intersection of these events and the location data to determine not only where one is going but also what they are doing at that location. We believe this context is extremely important in understanding real consumer interests and buying propensities.

Based on all of this data and other attributes like hours of operation, entry/exit pathing, dwell time, etc., we verify attendances to events/venues and use that intelligence to build definitive, high-performing audiences at scale.

Data Collection Methodology

Gravy collects offline user data from a variety of sources. Our data sources include, but are not limited to, the following: Gravy’s own mobile app, Gravy’s SDK in other mobile apps, 3rd party SDKs collecting location data, in-app ad request data (aggregated and cleansed), beacon data, etc. None of our current partnerships have any exclusivity provisions.

Types of Data Sets Available

Interest, intent and psychographic data sets branded as Gravy Verified Attendance Data and TruLife Audiences.