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Precise targeting through interest and intent data

Company Overview

Hariken was founded in 2015 as a DMP with the goal to help websites and e-commerces to have the best insight into their customer journey, as well as impacting these costumers in marketing campaigns. As of 2017, Hariken’s focus on data makes it the first Brazilian CDP (Customer Data Platform), allowing the onboarding from multiple data sources, processing this data and providing insights, and exporting this data for marketing campaigns. With a much greater understanding of the customer, campaigns created with enriched Hariken data, allow for precise campaigns, impacting the correct customer at the right moment.

Data Collection Methodology

Hariken collects third-party-data from over 5,000 websites that are in its network. The collection of data is via js tag, pixels and fingerprinting. The provided segments are cookie based.

Types of Data Sets Available

Interest and intent based data.