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Digital intent data powered by opt-in panel

Company Overview

Hitwise is a data and analytics company with nearly 20 years of experience working with brands and agencies to deliver competitive intelligence and audience analysis.  We specialize in digital intent data.  Our core data asset is an opt-in digital panel of 8M+ consumers on whom we see 100% of their search and website behavior.  Leveraging website visitation and search engine keywords, Hitwise delivers syndicated and custom segments fueled by observed digital intent signals.

Data Collection Methodology

Hitwise audiences are fueled by our opt-in panel of over 8M consumers, on whom we see 100% of their digital web behavior, including all website visitation and keyword searches.  These audience building blocks lead to infinite custom audience combinations seeded with URLs & keywords, use Boolean logic, and then are expanded with statistically significant modeling to achieve scale with quality.  We model our audiences daily to deliver the freshest digital consumers for marketers.

Types of Data Sets Available

Interest and In-Market by product categories

  • Lifestyle
  • Lifestage
  • Shopper Type
  • Past Purchase