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Data-driven, multi-channel solutions built from B2B and B2C data sources

Company Overview

Infogroup draws from a history of expertise developed from over fifty years in the direct and digital marketing field. Between 1998 and 2008, Infogroup acquired some of the most prominent companies in the list/media services industry: Edith Roman Associates, Direct Media, Inc., Millard Group, Inc., Walter Karl, Catalog Vision, and MokrynskiDirect, absorbing decades of expertise and resources and creating the leading media services company integrated across all channels. Our data-driven, multichannel solutions include business, consumer and specialty databases, marketing database platforms, strategy & insights, digital and sales solutions, and nonprofit and insert media services.

Data Collection Methodology

Infogroup compiles its B2B, B2C, and specialty databases from hundreds of vetted offline and online sources, including phone verifcation where possible. With over 16 billion data points and 222 million individuals in our B2C database, and 2.5 billion data points and 18 million companies in our B2B database, Infogroup brings to market a combination of hundreds of unique B2B and B2C targetable audiences, including linkages between executives at their home and business locations.  Marketers use this unparalleled tool to execute campaigns with pinpoint accuracy across multiple channels including connected devices, display advertising, social media, email, addressable television, and more.

Types of Data Sets Available

Infogroup’s unique Audience Data includes:

  • Proprietary B2B & B2C (demographics, interests, professionals, more)
  • Co-op B2B & B2C (product purchases, donors, voters, buying authority, more)
  • EXECUREACH (executives at home)
  • New Movers
  • Active email engagers