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Consumer insights powered by Equifax’s suite of solutions

Company Overview

For many years, Equifax has been a reliable source of unique and differentiated data that yields actionable insights and drives revenue. Through persistent innovation, Equifax has evolved into an insights, analytics and technology leader.
Equifax helps you enhance, synthesize and activate customer data, turn complex insights into an understanding of customer needs, personalize the customer experience with the right messages in the right channels, and meaningfully measure performance to optimize marketing spend and customer value.

Data Collection Methodology

Through our exclusive network of more than 95 leading financial institutions, we directly measure about $16 trillion in anonymous U.S. consumer assets and investments, representing over 47 percent of all U.S. consumer invested assets.

To provide a more complete picture of households’ financial and economic positions we utilize our patented process to collect and classify anonymous consumer asset data and then combine it with additional proprietary measures of income, discretionary spending, and credit.

Equifax enables you to segment consumers according to financial characteristics relevant to your campaigns – to help you execute more efficient online targeting, help minimize wasted ad spend, and track campaign effectiveness.

Types of Data Sets Available

Online marketers can now gain extensive reach by leveraging hundreds of premium targeting segments from Equifax, including customized segments for 12 industries.

To enable advertisers and agencies to target audiences online and execute robust segmentation, we offer over 350 intuitive targeting segments based on our proprietary measures of households’ estimated financial capacity, propensities, preferences, and behaviors. These segments leverage our foundation of IXITM Network direct-measuredTM asset data, aggregated credit information, and our proprietary segmentation systems to help brands better target consumer and small business audiences via online, mobile, addressable TV and other channels.

If you are a digital marketer, then it is critical that you reach the most qualified audience for your products and services. Consumer and household financial capacity can contribute significantly to your programs’ success. Perhaps you are looking for “affluent” consumers and estimated income or discretionary spending measures can help you segment your audience.

But if your ideal target market includes consumers with specific propensities, you may want a more refined targeting tool. Imagine if you could reach more customers likely to respond to a low APR credit card, or more of those likely to be ready to purchase a vacation package, refinancing and looking for a loan, or more of those likely to be attractive auto loan candidates. Or are you looking for demographics like Millennials, Sports fans, Frequent Diners or Multi Communications Service Users?

Financial Capacity Segments

  • Wealth
  • Investments
  • Financial Cohorts®
  • Income
  • Discretionary Spending
  • Ability to Pay
  • Economic Cohorts®
  • Economic SpectrumTM
  • Aggregated FICO®

Vertical Propensity Segments

  • Retail Banking
  • Insurance
  • Mortgage
  • Credit Card
  • Student Loan
  • Small Business
  • Retail
  • Auto
  • Communications
  • Sports
  • Travel & Leisure
  • Restaurant

For more details view our Digital Targeting Segments page.