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Quality data at scale

Company Overview

Lotame was founded in 2006. In addition to our Lotame Data Exchange, Lotame is also the only independantly owned DMP. Additional business lines include Syndicate, our privetmarketplace of data directly from participating DMP clients (2nd party) and Optimizer, our premier Look-a-like and Campaign Optimization product. We also aquired AdMobious in 2014 for their mobile data and cross-device graph, which we built directly into our UI.

Data Collection Methodology

Lotame data is sourced from a network of over 350k+ global publishers, as well as offline data for CPG (loyalty card purchase), B2B (Magazine and Trade Publications, Event Atendees, Offline Business Directories, Membership Directories, Phone Surveys, Industry Associations, Secretaries of State, County Courthouse Records, Utility Providers, Departments of Revenue, Legal Journals, SEC Filing) and Demographic (US Census, Voter Registration) onboarded by a 3rd party and scrubbed of any PII. We also have an exclusive set of “Super Spenders” purchase data provided by MasterCard. Lotame is also the FIRST and ONLY Data Exchange who has worked to remove fraud at the data level before campaign activation through our exclusive partnership with Are You A Human, a leading bot-detection and human verification service provider. Lotame has the ability to remove all profiles identified as bots by Are You A Human’s best of class detection technology – which analyzes over 200 biometric signals, real-time interaction data, along with bot-detection heuristics to determine which users are definitly human, and continuously re-verify them every day – so our clients can reduce wasted spend, decrease bot traffic and increase conversions through our bot-free audiences or via standalone Lotame Human and Viewability data segments that can be used in conjunction with any data provider.

Types of Data Sets Available

  • BT/Interest
  • Demographic + Advanced Demo (HHI, Education Level, etc.)
  • DAR and vCE (pre-tested and optimized to hit industry set benchmarks)
  • B2B
  • CPG
  • Humans and Viewability
  • Branded Offerings: MasterCard, Bombora, Infogroup, Mobilewalla, Phunware, Qualia, Shopcom IRI, Skimlinks, SmartTV, Weve