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Timely, relevant segments based on current spending habits across key verticals

Company Overview

Mastercard Advisors, the professional services arm of Mastercard, provides real-time transaction data and proprietary analysis, data-driven consulting, and marketing services solutions to help clients optimize, streamline, and grow their businesses. Working with advertisers, agencies, media owners and tech platforms, the media vertical at Mastercard Advisors uses transaction based insights to drive greater efficacy in advertiser planning, activation and measurement.

Data Collection Methodology

Mastercard Advisors Audiences is based on aggregate consumer spending behavior derived from billions of online and offline transactions and links those segments against populations available via third-party online sources:

  • Anonymous – no name or contact information of any kind.
  • Includes transaction amount, merchant, online/offline, location, date and time.

Types of Data Sets Available

Mastercard Audiences are created based on historical and likely spending behaviors in key verticals including Retail, Travel, Dining, Entertainment and Telco:

  • Top Tier Spender: Audiences based on high levels of historic spend.
  • In the Market: Audiences based on the likelihood of individuals spending in a specific category within a specific time period.
  • Frequent Transactors: Audiences based on individuals that frequently spend within a category.