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Global mobile data based on 2+ years of historical persistence data.

Company Overview

Mobilewalla profiles users of mobile devices by collecting, analyzing and storing mass amounts of app and geo-location data. By associating every Device ID with apps, lat/long and points of interest, the user is segmente into 100s of demographic,  behavioral and custom segments. A unique differentiator of Mobilewalla is the 2+ years of historical persistence data per device, allowing us to go back in time to understand seasonality and past shopping behaviors. Our competitors only store as far back as 30 to 90 days per device. Creating an audience based on years of data reduces the risk of anomalies that come with shorter observation windows. Lastly, our capabilities are at scale throughout North America, Europe, LATAM and Asia, covering 30 + countries globally.

Data Collection Methodology

The sources of mobile signal collection are: 1) SDK, 2) Pixel, and 3) exchange supply signals. There other providers in the marketplace who have access to similar data points, but having developed the science to interpret the data is essential to our high-quality results.
The hard problems we solve which are essential to product development:

  1. The storage/retrieval of mass amounts of data is essential for pattern recognition.
  2. Cleaning the data by identifying/removing fraudulent devices.
  3. Un-blinding supply signals to determine the app name associated with every signal (signal #123abc = Cosmopolitan App).
  4. Identify/use only accurate and precise location information to map consumers with points of interests.

Types of Data Sets Available

Mobilewalla builds verified demographic, behavioral and custom audiences. Behavioral audiences include: passions, life styles, and shopping.