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Precise understanding of consumers’ physical world behavior

Company Overview

NinthDecimal is the marketing platform powered by location data. It harnesses this data to build a precise understanding of consumers’ physical world behavior. Fortune 500 companies and marquee brands activate this customer intelligence through audience targeting, measurement, insights, and data licensing solutions. By filling the massive gap in understanding how consumers spend the majority of their time, NinthDecimal provides marketers a comprehensive new model of the customer journey for impactful engagement.

NinthDecimal processes trillions of data points from over 150MM unique users every month to power its product suite. Location Graph™ is the most precise audience intelligence technology in the market. Location Conversion Index™ (LCI™) is the leading offline attribution solution with over 200 integrated media and advertising partners. NinthDecimal’s unique household to device matching capability bridges online and offline data, powering omnichannel offerings that include partnerships with leading adtech companies. NinthDecimal has been recognized by Inc. Magazine, Frost & Sullivan, and more as one of the fastest growing and most innovative companies.

Data Collection Methodology

Eighty percent of our data comes from vetted geo-enabled, ad supported app partners via ad calls. The other 20% comes from apps that provide us with data directly, outside of an ad call.  This is important because NinthDecimal is able to collect additional information that is outside of the ad call. We get passed information like: bearing, vertical distance above sea level, and perhaps most importantly,  a value called “horizontal radius.”  This is a numerical articulation of the “blue dot” seen in Google maps. The reason the horizontal radius is important to us is that we’re able to machine learn what conditions provide situations where horizontal radius is around 1 meter.  The value here is that NinthDecimal is able to train our filters on when lattitude/longitude really represents exactly where a user is. Lastly, another benefit to direct partnerships is that some partners provide us with persistent data, e.g. data even when the phone is in the user’s pocket.

Types of Data Sets

NinthDecimal’s unique Audience Data sets include:

  • Lifestyle
  • Demographics
  • Ethnicity
  • In-Market
  • Travel, Shopper
  • Food & Beverage
  • Enthusiast