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Quality, always updated data, with over 12B user profiles

Company Overview

We are one of the world’s biggest data warehouses, which process over 12 B of Internet users from 200 markets globally. is a part of Cloud Technologies – one of the fastest growing tech companies in Europe – according to i.e. Financial Times and Deloitte rankings. We offer Data Management Platform, 3rd party data including over 12 B profiles from all around the world, raw Data Stream for companies with own Business Intellgence team, and CRM enrichment service.

Data Collection Methodology partners up with media buyers, media sellers, networks, publishers and technology providers and research companies to collect and understand internet users data. Our data collection process is direct. We collect data from our partners, who implement pixel on their digital properties in order to match adequate users.

Information gathering process is based on cookies, fingerprinting and Mobile advertising IDs such as Identifier for Advertising (IDFA) or Android Advertising ID (AAID). We ensure that only anonymous data are being processed by our data engine. Our data providers are obliged to fulfill all legal requirements associated with PII and user profiling applicable in the EU.

Types of Data Sets Available

• Demographic
• Behavioral
• Interest
• Intent