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Deterministic mobile-driven data

Company Overview

Through our network, we collect billions of mobile behavioral data points, including app usage and device IDs. With the goal of creating individual identities, oneAudience deterministically matches each device with email addresses, demographics, lifestyle data and purchase data to create accurate mobile audience segments. With deterministic device ID matching, every impression, every conversion and every click can be tied back to one identifiable consumer with a rich profile full of actionable data. oneAudience data uncovers hidden insights about consumers’ favorite apps, interests, lifestyle, location, demographics, media preferences and more.

Data Collection Methodology

oneAudience collects billions of data points from a variety of sources. The predominant source is our owned SDK, installed on hundreds of millions of devices globally that allows us to deterministically collect mobile based characteristics directly from the device. We then leverage our owned email+postal database to provide our comprehensive view of that individual from mobile to email to offline. We leverage our strategic partners (Acxiom, Experian, etc.) for traditional demographics and psychographics.

Types of Data Sets Available

  • Geo
  • Demo
  • Psycho
  • Auto
  • Political
  • Mobile
  • Location
  • International
  • Online
  • Interest
  • B2B
  • Medical Specialty
  • Seasonal
  • Intent