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Location-based consumer insights and real-world measurement and attribution

Company Overview

PlaceIQ is a leading data and technology provider that powers critical business and marketing decisions with ready-to-use location data, analytics, and insights. As an early industry pioneer, PlaceIQ has become the standard for fueling better marketing and business decisions for marketers, analysts, and publishers through powerful location-based consumer insights and real-world measurement and attribution.

PlaceIQ’s technology offerings transform mobile location and movement data into marketing tools that, for the first time, accurately and reliably join online and offline activities.  With PlaceIQ, companies can finally uncover opportunities within the consumer journey never available to them before. Companies can learn about, and connect with, location aware audiences, measuring real-world ROI, driving intelligent marketing decisions, and achieving successful business outcomes.

Data Collection Methodology

PlaceIQ sources only opt-in data from high quality data-provider partners such as app developers and publishers, data aggregators, and ad networks and exchanges.
PlaceIQ never collects location data directly from end-users, and our data partners are required to comply with the highest level of best practices regarding consumer privacy and disclosures.

Types of Data Sets

PlaceIQ offers a robust set of audience profiles for marketers that can be leveraged across verticals and marketing campaigns.

Upon request, PlaceIQ can also build custom audiences to suit specific marketer needs. Some of our most widely-used audience profiles include:

  • Loyalty audiences based upon real-world visitation and frequency,
  • Lapsed Customer audiences based upon real-world visitation and frequency
  • Lifestyle audiences based upon observed visitation to specific locations (i.e. sports arenas or airports)
  • Competitive audiences based upon visitation to competitive locations
  • Demographic audiences based upon household level U.S. census data
  • Partner + Location Data audiences identified by anonymously merging real-world visitation data with third party partner datasets, including TV viewership and purchase information