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Consumer and business targetable profiles from vetted and compliant sources

Company Overview

Plunge Digital is a Connecticut Based LLC founded in 2012. Plunge Digital provides best in class consumer and business targetable profiles. Audiences are “purpose-built” from fully vetted and compliant sources. Specialty data is supported by Marketing Partners like Kelley Blue Book and Visa.

Data Collection Methodology

Plunge Digital’s data-driven solutions are built by proprietary sourcing from offline public domain, cooperative databases, and self-reported inputs with partnerships like Kelley Blue Book and Visa.  Plunge Digital compiles multiple data feeds at the primary source in addition to specific value added aggregations to create a unified, proprietary view of each consumer and/or business profile.

Types of Data Sets

Plunge’s unique Audience Data sets include:

  •  Interest
  • Demographic
  • Lifestyle
  • Firmagraphic
  • Household
  • Individual
  • Consumer Purchase
  • Transactional
  • Intent
  • Kelley Blue Book Verified Automotive
  • Ailment Cluster Segmentations
  • B2B
  • Business & Professionals
  • Life Stage
  • Events Trigger Data (Pre/New Mover, Newly Engaged, Newly Married, Expecting Parents, New Births).
  • Marketing partnerships with Visa and Kelley Blue Book.
  • PlungePeople (Consumer Data)
  • PlungePro (Businesses & Professionals)
  • PlungeRides (Kelley Bluebook Auto Verified)
  • PlungeRx (Ailment Cluster Segmentations)