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Leading content-to-commerce platform

Company Overview

Skimlinks is the leading content-to-commerce platform, helping publishers monetize their editorial content, and marketers find people who want to buy their products.
Skimlinks’ platform creates new revenue for publishers by: automating the affiliation of commerce-related content, and syndicating the resulting shopping-intent data to marketers and merchants to help them reach consumers interested in their products or brands. This data-as-a-service – Audiences by Skimlinks – is now the largest source of shopping-intent data available to marketers for use in the platform of their choice.
Skimlinks’ mission is to help publishers be rewarded for the role content plays in creating shopping intent, providing an alternative funding model for Internet content.
Skimlinks is used on 4.4 million domains globally by companies such as Buzzfeed, Refinery29, Condé Nast, and AOL/HuffPost. This network, matched with more than 24,000 merchant affiliate programs from more than 30 affiliate networks, enables about 1.6 billion content-to-commerce journeys monthly.

Data Collection Methodology

With transactional signals from more than 24,000 merchants, as well as the browsing and clicking behaviors from 1.5 million publisher domains, Skimlinks sees all stages in the customer’s content-to-commerce journey.

Types of Data Sets Available

We segment our interest and intent data into three key categories:

  • Affinity – this group reads content about a brand or topic regularly
  • Wants to Buy – this group has read content or clicked on merchant links about a brand or topic regularly
  • About to Buy – They often click on merchant links about a brand or topic. We also break our intent category down by merchant and brand.