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Dynamic audiences built using a multi-signal approach

Company Overview

Founded in 2010, StartApp is an award-winning mobile media and 1st party data company. Their mission is to make the mobile experience better for publishers, advertisers and consumers. By creating innovative ways of exploring mobile users’ intents and behaviors, and of being smarter about responding to these factors, they help their partners optimize and better execute their strategies. StartApp partners with over 500,000 applications, reaching over 1 billion MAUs worldwide.

Data Collection Methodology

StartApp builds dynamic audiences using a multi-signal approach that includes mobile device signals like Bluetooth connectivity and device model, location signals, apps on device, user social graphs, and more. Using data science and a deep understanding of mobile user behavior, StartApp adapts these signals into precise audiences organized by demographics, interests and affinities, life trigger events, purchasing behavior, and more.

Types of Data Sets Available

Access and use over 500 of StartApp’s pre-built audience segments to supplement existing data, expand reach, and maximize KPIs. StartApp’s audiences serve these core verticals: Demographics, Telecommunications, Travel, Entertainment, Retail, Lifestyle, Consumer Technology, Automotive, brands and more. You can mix and match any existing segments to create as wide or as targeted of a segment as you need.