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Social audience insights at scale

Company Overview

StatSocial’s data and analytical insights enable digital marketers and media sellers to identify and reach the best consumer prospects, maximize CRM audience value, and measure marketing campaign effectiveness by leveraging uniquely social audience insights at scale that’s not modeled, but derived at the individual level (deterministic).

StatSocial’s client solutions are based on over a decade of expertise in deeply analyzing and interpreting continuously and rapidly evolving social insights from social media platforms while adhering to essential privacy principles. Profiles are built upon a taxonomy of over 40,000 segments (brand affinities, interests, TV shows, influencers, and personality types) and linked to over 150mm unique social consumers covering 70% of US households. Clients use the insights to optimize consumer value across all marketing touch points.

Data Collection Methodology

StatSocial acquires authorized, privacy-compliant social IDs & data from our essential partners.

Types of Data Sets

StatSocial’s unique Audience Data sets include:

  • Personality Insights (powered by IBM Watson)
  • Moviegoer Data (powered by Legendary Entertainment)