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Mobile-first, privacy-by-design data platforms.

Company Overview

Founded in 2013. TrueData is one of the largest mobile-first, privacy-by-design data platforms and the leader in mobile targeting innovation.

Our partnerships with app publishers provide a stream of real, deterministic data across 345M mobile users. Our data reflects the actual, reported actions, and information of users—not just guesses. This is TrueData.

Data Collection Methodology

TrueData collects data from its own publisher network spanning over 450 apps. The data is validated with truth sets and never mixed with the bid stream or pre-modeled data. TrueData has always maintained the strictist privacy standards in the market, and manages one of the largest mobile ID graph.

Types of Data Sets Available

Interests and Intent: App install segments (i.e. people who have installed car buying marketplace apps are likely in market to purchase cars).
Location Visitation audiences (i.e. people who visited car dealerships are likely in market to buy a new car).

Demographic segments (age range, gender and language — self reported in in-app registration and verified by 3rd parties like Nielsen & Experian).
Device Characteristic segments (i.e. phone make/model, service carrier provider)”