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People-based predictive audiences

Company Overview

Started as a stand along business in 2012, TruSignal builds people-based predictive audiences. We uses offline data and predictive scoring to calculate a 0 to 99 score for 220 million U.S. adults.  This score can be used to more accurately and efficiently determine who to target and who to avoid across every digital channel and device.

Our pre-built Specialized Audiences provide powerful solutions for Auto, Finance Services, B2B, Political and Interests, with more than 900 on-the-shelve audiences ready today.

In addition, TruSignal can create custom-built audiences that pinpoint people who are twice as likely to convert for your acquisition campaigns and expand the scale of your prospecting campaigns by identifying 25 million prospects who look like your existing customers.

Data Collection Methodology

Our people-based offline core data set is aggregated from multiple data providers covering hundreds of actual data sources across 12 data categories. The data set covers 220 million U.S. adult (99% of the population) with approximately 2,700 data points per profile. We cross verify multiple sources to ensure the highest quality data.

Types of Data Sets

TruSignal’s unique Audience Data sets include:

  • Auto data: 187 million auto owners, accounting for 70% of vehicles on the road today, sourced from third-party and dealer service records for individual and household targeting.
  • Business Data: Sourced from 200 public and proprietary sources, our business data covers 90 million business contacts across small, medium, and large companies.
  • Actual Voter and Political Donor Data: 160 million updated voter records aggregated and cross-verified from the most robust nationwide and state voter files. Political audiences are only available for political purposes.
  • Financial Services: Sourced from several major credit bureaus, investment houses, financial institutions applications forms, public records. All the data is deterministic and cross-verified.