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Omnichannel data powered by rich data assets and robust technology

Company Overview

As an omnichannel data powerhouse, V12 Data combines rich data assets with robust technology to provide brands with a seamless and connected consumer view. Our solutions bridge the right data across channels to power right time omnichannel engagement when, where, and how a brands’ customers prefer. Our data and technology platform links consumer records with our proprietary blend of online, offline and digital marketing data for highly personalized, one-to-one consumer marketing, regardless of device or channel.

Data Collection Methodology

Survey/questionnaire, transactional data, white pages, catalog & magazine, donor & charitable organizations, credit issues compilation, self-reported data, mover cycle data, auto data, mobile geo location data, personality data, social data, CPG data, lifetsyle segmentation. We have both offline & online sources.

Types of Data Sets Available

  • Auto
  • B2B
  • Lifestyle
  • CPG
  • Demographic
  • Finance
  • Interests & Entertainment
  • Movers
  • Purchase Intenders
  • Personality Insights
  • Social