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Precision targeting at scale built from multi-layered location data

Company Overview

Powered by the Valassis Consumer Graph™ you will confidently reach in-market consumers with audience segments that combine the location activity, purchase intent, and offline and online consumer interests from more than 1 billion unique devices. Valassis Digital offers over 750 branded audience segments, as well as custom segments, that cover every major vertical and industry. Valassis Digital audiences are built from real-world consumer visits and interests across mobile and desktop to satisfy any marketing goal.

Data Collection Methodology

The Valassis Consumer Graph™ gathers, analyzes, and categorizes, in real-time, the online and offline purchase intent, interests, and location activity from 1 billion unique devices. Our audiences are built from the content consumed across 80 billion page views each day and then organized into over 750 segments with reach across desktop and mobile. Our unique ability to collect deterministic and probabilistic data beyond the cookie, including IP, Device ID, and location data, provides a more accurate and scalable audience.

Types of Data Sets Available

Find valuable in-market consumers with Valassis Digital’s 750+ branded and custom audiences. A few of our top categories include:

  • Location Targeting – Target the ideal consumer with 240 audience segments built from the location activity of 1 billion unique devices seen across 31 billion trips to 540,000 store locations every day.
  • Purchase Intent – Reach shoppers exhibiting strong purchase intent signals with over 300 segments created from the daily consumption and categorization of 80 billion pages across 110 million households.
  • Retail – Grow top line sales with 220 retail audience segments covering 540,000 stores.
  • Custom – Connect with an exclusive audience by creating unlimited custom-built segments by combining the purchase intent, location, interests, and demographics of 1 billion unique devices.