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Audience data built from data hygiene solutions

Company Overview

Webbula was founded in 2009 as a data hygiene technology solutions provider for marketers and email service providers.  We built our programmatic data offering leveraging our data hygiene solutions at the core.  By doing so, we’re able to offer Adobe Audience Manager customers a data set that is entirely deterministic (not modeled), self-reported, linked at an individual level, and focused on accuracy and quality.

Data Collection Methodology

Webbula is an offline data provider focused on Personally Identifiable Data (PII).  Webbula aggregates data from over 100+ different sources.  We require our sourced data to be entirely deterministic, self-reported, and linked at an individual level.  Before the data is delivered to AAM, we utilize our unique technology to remove fraudulent and inaccurate data.  All Webbula data is sourced from deterministic sources including surveys, registrations, transactions, web sign up forms, point of sale records, parts & warranty registrations, dealership information, membership information, annual reports, and government information.

Types of Data Sets

Webbula’s data categories include:

  • Demographic
  • B2B
  • Interest
  • Lifestyle
  • Hobbies
  • Automotive Ownership
  • Political
  • Financial