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Compiled and transactional level data at scale to connect brands with the right consumers

Company Overview

We connect brands with the right consumers across devices and platforms. Through our proprietary AmeriLINK consumer database, Data Cooperative and Zipline identity graph, our data is uniquely able to provide an omni-channel view of your customers. The combination of our people-based data, predictive analytics and machine-learning capabilities helps marketers identify their best customers at the right moments in the purchase cycle and drive new customer acquisition.

Data Collection Methodology

Our collection methodologies are derived from a variety of offline and online data sources including data cooperatives, aggregated data from original source data compilers, and real-time intent data from digital tracking tags. We use our proprietary linking technology to associate this data to a marketing profile to accurately identify and reach the right consumers across channels and connections for each and every campaign.

Types of Data Sets Available

  • AmeriLINK Consumer Buying Behavior: AmeriLINK Buying behavior connects you with over 170 million consumers and their purchase history across 42 unique product categories. Engage with consumers based on their preferred brands, shopping methods, demographics and shopping behaviors
  • AmeriLINK B2B Buying Behavior: AmeriLINK B2B Buying behavior connects you with over 40 million B2B consumers and their purchase history across 15 unique purchase categories. Engage and target b2b consumers based on their Industry, business category, number of employees, title and sales volume.
  • AmeriLINK Consumer Database: The AmeriLINK Consumer Database is one of the top consumer databases in the USA with over 30 years in the market. It includes over 260 million spending consumers and is demographically selectable, so you can accurately reach the right consumer with you unique message.
  • AmeriLINK Life Event Triggers: The AmeriLINK life event data consists of new homeowners and recent movers in transition. They are highly responsive and engaged consumers.
  • AmeriLINK Vehicle Data: AmeriLINK Vehicle Data provides automotive characteristics such as type, make, and model on 62+ million American households compiled from online and offline sources including auto-service/repair providers, Lube/Oil change shops, auto parts suppliers, and warranty firms
  • Online Behavioral Data: Based on real-time interest and intent singals. Utilize consumer shares, searches, clicks and views and real time engagement to create actionable audiences.
  • Social Behavioral Data: Curate and Activate high-performing audiences based on engaged consumer social activities.
  • Demographic: Exact age, gender, Education, Occupation, Children